Geothermal energy: Earth's most powerful resource

Geothermal energy is a clean, renewable resource that has a powerful and enormous effect on our everyday life. Unlike other renewable sources, geothermal energy is available all day and night, regardless of sunshine or wind conditions, and can be adjusted to meet demands. 


It comes from earth’s most powerful resource, the core. As hot as the surface of the sun, heat transfer from the core can shift entire tectonic plates and create devastating volcanic eruptions. So why aren’t we using its enormous energy to power the world?   


Currently, geothermal energy is utilised from volcanic areas, where the heat is close to the surface and easily accessible. In Iceland, 90% of all houses use geothermal energy for their heating and hot water requirements. It also provides over 25% of the country’s electricity. This is because drilling into this area is relatively easy, with soft ground and shallow depths. Other countries have not been able to recreate this because of much more challenging drilling conditions.  



With Strada, we can now make geothermal available everywhere. Geothermal energy has the capacity to solve some of the world’s biggest problems; it can power desalination plants for a renewable fresh water supply, heat entire communities, and provide electricity.

We can get to the areas that no one else can, using technology that we invented specifically for this market.  

The Strada Family

One key advantage we have is the unique group of companies that form the Strada Family.



The three companies; Strada Energy, Strada Drilling and Strada Design all work together to service the geothermal industry, however each have very distinct roles. The advantage to this company structure is that for the first time in history, there is a viable solution for deep hard-rock geothermal energy.


Of the Strada Family, Strada Energy is the project development company. It finds project opportunities for geothermal energy and manages the entire development right through to commercial operation. These opportunities include; water desalination, electricity production, and district heating/cooling. It replaces existing hydrocarbon applications or finds completely new projects for our renewable energy source, of which there are many.

Strada Drilling is the company which makes these projects possible. It is the only company in the world which can drill viable geothermal wells in both hard and soft rock formations, to a depth needed to reach the earth’s heat. Other drilling companies use methods designed for the oil and gas market, but Strada Drilling uses exclusive technology created specifically for geothermal.

Strada Design invents this new technology. It has patents all over the world for drilling methods, systems and individual products, and is constantly developing the next innovative idea. Because of Strada Design, Strada Drilling always has the most reliable, efficient and affordable drilling technology available.

Together, this family forms the first real viable solution to deep hard-rock geothermal energy. Typically geothermal energy has only been available in volcanic areas because of its significantly reduced drilling cost, however now for the first time we can develop an entire project and use exclusive drilling technology to access it anywhere in the world.