We are a renewable energy company quickly expanding to meet demand for geothermal energy. Our technology unlocks the heat of the earth to solve our biggest problems today; we produce clean water, electricity and natural heating, from a renewable energy source. Geothermal is currently used only where it is close to the surface or easy to access, however, through innovation Strada has made it possible to assess this clean energy around the world. 


Strada Energy is the project development company in the Strada family of companies. We find new opportunities, or existing fossil fuel applications, and put in place a more efficient and sustainable method of power. Our goal is to reduce the world's greenhouse gas emissions while providing clean water supply, electricity and heating / cooling, where it was previously not viable.

WARREN STRANGE             Chairman

WARREN STRANGE           Chairman

ROD WILLIAMS                   CEO  

ROD WILLIAMS                 CEO 

BEN STRANGE                   Director

BEN STRANGE                 Director


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