Each project is unique, our systems are adapted to the surrounding geology and clients needs. Capabilities of Strada Energy are constantly growing with our commitment to developing new technology and being at the forefront of geothermal energy.


Water desalination 

The world's supply of fresh water is running out. Strada Energy can help by using geothermal energy as a means to filter water to agricultural or drinking standards. 

By 2025, with current consumption rates, it is estimated that two-thirds world's population will encounter water shortages. Fortunately, desalination methods are becoming increasingly more viable. Seawater desalination is the only additional renewable source of freshwater left on this planet, with technology now able to convert our extensive oceans into water suitable for drinking or agricultural practices. 

Desalination is an active process that requires energy, however. As human populations grow, a significant amount of our energy consumption will be needed to meet the demand for water desalination. Luckily, geothermal is a perfect means to power desalination plants. Depending on the surrounding geology, geothermal can be used directly for distillation processes or through electrical methods like reverse osmosis and electrodialysis. 



The world will double its power consumption by 2050. Strada Energy is the answer to realising these targets in an environmentally friendly, cheaper way, that can be used by people around the world. 

Many places that rely on hydrocarbon generators for power currently import their fuel from other countries. This is an expensive measure, which can halt development for other important sectors. We can provide places with complete energy independence by tapping into their own geothermal resources and giving them a renewable power to generate electricity. More access to energy means more economic growth and better lives. 

Geothermal is base load energy source which, unlike many renewable sources, runs all day every day. It can be turned up and down to meet the fluctuation of energy demands, and has a very small footprint. Iceland is currently leading the way, with 25% of their electricity coming from geothermal energy.   




District heating / cooling 

We develop geothermal systems for places with district heating/cooling. Using the natural heat from the earth means we largely eliminate the massive energy requirements for heating up communities.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Instead of using massive hydrocarbon-fuelled boilers to heat up liquid for district heating, we use the naturally occurring heat from the ground and pump it straight to the existing network. 




Binary systems 

We can create a combination of these plants to create binary systems. Multiple systems put on to one site can have massive economical benefits, one well can power a variety of different applications. 



Hydrocarbon Conversions

Fossil fuels such as coal, diesel and natural gas are replaced with geothermal power. Because these plants do not buy fuels after conversion, power plants save money and we save the environment.